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6:33 PM
February 24th, 2013

156. Ireland 

It was at some point in the 19th century when my maternal ancestors boarded a ship somewhere near Bantry Bay in Ireland and sailed to Canada never to return.  It was the time of the Great Famine when disease and starvation caused people to depart for the New World in droves looking for another chance.  When I visited Ireland in 2004 I couldn’t help but feel a little bit sad knowing that this was the place that I could have been born had things gone a little differently.  Ireland is by far the most beautiful and charming country I have ever been to and there was a significant part of me that just didn’t want to leave.  There is literally nothing in or about this country that I don’t love, whether it be Celtic music, ancient castles, rolling hills or a million shades of green everywhere you go.. Ireland as a whole is a first rate attraction.

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