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5:20 PM
January 5th, 2013

116. Burundi 

Believe it or not there was a time before satellites and detailed cartography when the source of the Nile River was shrouded in mystery.  Attempts to locate its source had been carried out since the time of the Greek and Roman empires with little success.  Many theories were bandied about among ancient geographers and explorers, albeit mostly wrong ones.. Today we know that the Nile actually has many sources and two main tributaries, the White Nile and the Blue Nile, and some of the water that ends up flowing into the Mediterranean Sea in Egypt can come from as far south as the tiny nation of Burundi.  If I ever go to Burundi I would travel to the tiny village of Rutovu, perched near the summit of Mount Kikizi in the southeastern region.. Here you can see the tiny trickle of water that will turn into a stream that changes its name six times by the time it flows into Lake Victoria, then the Victoria Nile, Lake Kyoga and Lake Albert before finally becoming the Nile River that flows just a stones throw from the pyramids at Giza.. I would like to put a message in a bottle and send it downstream, then maybe someday I’ll see where it ends up..

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